My main use of the site is to publicly communicate thoughts, not necessarily to evangelize you to miss the point in your life.   I don’t have it figured out enough whether missing the point is THAT advantageous over the alternative.  These few statements should give you a good indication of what to find at this site, discovery and contemplation of a path less traveled (whatever that means).

I believe in the flux of the individual.  That is, what I’ve done does not necessarily represent what I now stand for.  Although, common themes I seem to sustain are trying to understand systems, making ice, and attempting a healthy living.

This is just another place I organize my thoughts. It happens to be public.  Feel free to scrutinize.  My intentions are to catalyze conversations and explain my unorthodox logic.

I like these:

This site is No Biggie.


Big up’z to Notorious, RIP.


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    Lori Kamler, "Rock Star" said,

    Hello rePete,

    I want to thank you for following Jeff’s blog on my big day at Ironman Arizona last year. I cannot believe it’s been over 6 months now.. I still get goosebumbs when I re-read his blog.. Feels like yesterday.. I do have a pic of my Ironman tatt so if you are interested I can email you the pic..

    Thanks again for the interest…. Your blog is interesting…


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