Shoe Shining Project

During my vacation, I visited my dad with the goal of making a shoe shining box.  He has one we made together when I was younger, so that is where the idea came from.  I wanted to actually work with him as opposed to when I was younger and I tended to just help out.  I figured that a more active role would allow me to learn much more.

When I came into town, I reviewed my design with him.  We made some changes from his version so that it was lighter weight and to incorporate a handle into the top of the box.  Since I love math, my personal flare was to make each dimension a golden ratio to the other.  I made it out of Maple with Black Walnut dowels.  Here I am tapping a dowel in.

This was my favorite airline carry-on I’ve ever had.

And the reason I wanted a shoe shining box is, of course, to shine shoes on!  After I went to a shoe store to find that they don’t have shoe polish (just buy new ones!), I found Kiwi shoe polish from Target.  I brushed up on how to shine shoes from a blog I recently started reading: The Art of Manliness on How to Shine Shoes.

My goal is to have these shoes last longer than my previous pair which only lasted a mere 13 years!


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