How To Make a Box

One thing I like about having roommates is learning from them.  My newest roommate helped me transform a There, I Fixed It submission into something a bit more aesthetically appealing.



Although aesthetics improved, my drive to change the packaging was to reduce the shipping charge from $75 to within my $25 charge (of my selling price for shipping), which I did.  Another victory!

And although I have room for improvement, I can now make a box for $0.25 to pay for tape.  (Cardboard is plentiful in urban and suburban environments.)

There are two key points:

  • to make a crease going across the grains, use a 2×4 or some piece of scrap wood to make a nice straight crease.
  • wherever you want a fold, make a cut in the extended part of box, then  fold the excess to form the sides of the box.
  • (It’s basically like wrapping gifts but with a more rigid material, nbd.)

So easy they should just call it easy.

As an aside, my newest roommate’s name is Jules.   Therefore, any one thing he does is equivalent to 1 Jule.  For teaching me this, I traded 1 Jule for a six pack of his favorite beer.   A 6-pack of beer is equal to 1 Jule, Q.E.D.


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    Rooster said,

    What’s a pack of a 6-pack of your favorite beer? I’m’ assuming that since he taught you this he has more social currency and that the exchange rate is in his favor.

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