The Phone Bill That Buys Me a 6-Pack

Two years ago I started automatically investing $137 every month.  I based it off a calculation of a known surplus in my budget.  After reading a Rowdy Kittens’ post, I noticed the monthly amount is close to a bill for a cell phone with a data plan.

When I bought a 6-pack of expensive beer a few nights ago, the guy behind me asked what kind of job I had that allowed me to buy that kind of beer.  He was joking, so we just laughed.  On the walk home, I realized it’s the kind that doesn’t require having a phone plan.

After two years, the dividend now pays me $30 per quarter, which is one 6-pack of expensive beer per month!  It’s not a lot.  But, it’s fun to identify “cross-over” points.  Just like the marathon is one mile at a time, so are a lot of other aspects of life.


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