Rewards for the Cyclists

There’s a management idea of push versus pull.  I like to think of it as:

  • Push: “You better finish that ____, or you’ll be in serious trouble.”
  • Pull: “If you finish that ____, I’ll give you an extra ____ for doing so.”

Some people operate better in a push than a pull, but I think most people like the woohoo idea of the latter.  This morning I came up with a pull method for cyclists.

The ingredients are 2 of those weight sensors (currently used for cars) especially in the left turn lane. These particular weight sensors would be calibrated to a range of sensitivity to >50 lbs and <500 lbs.   I figure most riders+bike will be more than 50 and less than 500 lbs.  Also, the average car weight is 3000 lbs (wikiAnswers), so half the weight [in the bike lane] would be 1500 lbs which is less than the upper specification of 500 lbs above.

With two of those weight sensors and the same controller that decides to change the light for the left turning cars, the controlling system could calculate the average speed of the cyclist and have the light turn green for him right as he would want to enter the intersection.

Ideally this would entice more people to bike commute by drastically reducing any waiting time at lights, which is more of a mental downer than it is one on’s commuting time, regardless if you are in a car or on a bike.

Of course the idea is the easy part of doing it. . .


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  1. 1

    Rooster said,

    I like the idea.

    I think drivers should experience the energy it takes to come to a complete stop and then restart again, when biking. If drivers could get this experience even a few times, I think it would change driving habits.

  2. 2

    Adam said,

    great idea. the beauty of this too is that drivers would see a lot more reds, disincentivizing their car drive to work, which makes car driving less desirable (on top of what you mentioned above about making bike commuting more desirable). what a great feeling it would be for bikers to get an upper hand with cars!!

  3. 3

    sllimdog said,

    They have sensors like this at Stanford…I was amazed:

  4. 4

    Pete said,

    sweet link, i had no idea. magnets r crazeeee!!!

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