Roadie Snob OC

Similar to Bike Snob NYC, I stereotypically hate roadies.  And by that I mean that I like to make fun of them.  That stereotypical runner or cyclist athlete seems to only care about splits, heart rates, effort zones, gear performance, and a bunch of petty crap. . .  yet at the same time I have interests in some of those areas. It’s rare to see this stereotype oriented towards functional transit (cycling or running), group inclusion, concerned about others’ health,  or having fun.

It is with mixed emotion that I turn from trail running marathon distances to shorter, higher-paced runs, for a bit.  It’ll be great to decrease my resting heart rate and increase my lung capacity.  However to do so, I’ll need to be a little bit more of a slave to a schedule, AKA a freakin’ roadie.

So, I’ll just make fun of their compression socks, their running flats, and pre-run rituals.  Eh, not really, but I don’t want to become one of those do or die competitors.  For me, that’s a recipe for burn-out disaster: my biggest enemy.

At the same time, I want to ride out whatever wave I’m on right now.

I plan to follow a Runner’s World Smart Coach 1/2 Marathon plan, but only as a guideline.  It has a lot of easy zone running, with a few days of harder runs.

Regardless, I’ll get a 1/2 marathon PR at Surf City!  In searching, I just figured out that all my 1/2 marathons were either in 1/2 IronMan’s or bandit runs, oops.

Yeah, first non-roadie move: bandit running!  Think about it.


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