Moore Good Energy

I saw Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story this weekend.  I like how Michael Moore pushes the envelope, to get a reaction, in his topics.  I applaud him for sharing his true opinions, with his talented multi-media methods.

My problem with Michael Moore is that he presents a slanted hypothesis.  He only shares data that backs his beliefs: support for the Democrats and slamming Republicans.  If one were to only get their information from him, one could easily draw the conclusion that an euthanasia of the Republican voting people would solve our problems.  This is foolish.

The best response I have for this is NAFTA.  Although G. H. Bush started this, Clinton finalized this program to increase the US GDP.  I’m far from a political expert. However, I think there is more to success than GDP, and it this excessive GDP gluttony which Moore sets the tone for in the beginning of Capitalism.

Blame Clinton, too.  Republicans aren’t the only ones that are imperfect.

What I do like about Moore’s newest movie is his positive spirit: his encouragement for people to ban together if they don’t like something that politicians and owners tell them how to live.  He is pro-revolution, via activism.  I also like his advocacy for simple living, as in not judging success by your [appearance of ] monetary wealth.

In addition to activism and a revolution, people should change the focus from differences to similarities; after all, we are much more similar than different. The media — both news shows and opinion people like Moore, Limbaugh, Jon Stewart, etc. — are dividing Americans into binary states: the crazies and us.  They are crazy; we are rational.

I think we should change our paradigm: we’re all crazy, in our own different ways.


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    Rooster said,

    I was only able to watch the video without audio. I like it, regardless. Although, “politicians and owners” would side that ‘this is not reality’ and ‘the world doesn’t work this way.’

    But I think most people realize that this is only because they say so.

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