res firma mitescre nescit

I didn’t it! I didn’t use* my car for a month!

In the movie American Flyers, there’s a scene in a gym in Madison, Wisconsin, where the gym owner (the same actor who played the owner of McDowell’s in Coming to America) explains the Latin phrase shown in the gym, res firma mitescre nescit. “Once you’ve got it up, keep it up.”

*In September with a handful exceptions, I essentially went without using my car for transportation.  If you want to get picky, I did use my car, but significantly less that I have been and to a level that could be roughly equivalent to not using my car.  The part that made this easiest was having my car 2 miles away from my apartment, most of the time.  And, for me that is the easiest way to not use a car.

I think it makes my mood much more happy, in general.  I feel stronger.  I feel more attachment to the weather.  I feel more alive.  I feel like an individual.

I missed out on some runs, with great people, that I would have like to do.  I’ve avoided buying a 4′ fluorescent light fixture to make aquaponics more successful.  I didn’t explore as far away places as I could have.

But, I’ve overcome some great obstacles.  Like, our cycling outing to the bowling alley, 6 miles away, on a Saturday night.  I’ve transported my work computer that does not fit into my normal pannier.  And the usual things that you do: groceries, doctor visit, high five festival. . .

The coup de grace came on the last night of the month.  I biked 21 miles to go home from a happy hour.  I smelled the eucalyptus trees along the Irvine Regional bike path as the soft colors of sunset slowly dimmed.  I biked over the bridge at the Newport Back Bay that earlier had ripples from the wind when I ran over it and now was as placid as can be.  I watched some Disneyland fireworks as I biked past the Santa Ana River Trail.  And, I celebrated at the pirate bar with a few more pints with the coolest girl I know.

So to “keep it up,” I think I want to keep cycling in October and start preparing to be without a car.  That includes:

  • getting my red rocket bike weather proof as a back up bike (in case of time commitment and other tiredness problems in the event of breakdown.)
  • getting my current bike weather-proof, i.e. fenders.
  • getting something to haul big stuff.  Since I don’t want another bike, that probably means getting a trailer.
  • look into where to rent a car for the weekend get-away trips.
  • and the most dreaded for me, getting my car ready to sell.  Cleaning, detailing, popping a few grocery car dents out.  meh!

I don’t know how long I want to go without a car.  Maybe 6 months.  Maybe a year.  Maybe until I get my AARP card.  However, I do know that I’m interested in the lifestyle.

I don’t understand why Kevin Costner is credited before David Grant in American Flyers.  David Grant is the main character and protagonist in this movie: winning the final stage of Hell of the West and hooking up with the hippie hitchhiker.  That’s my opinion on that matter.

And another thing: American Flyers is a movie that fits perfectly into the 80s.  That is, every scene immediately foreshadows the plot, i.e. single woman enters into the movie so you know that the single dude will hook up with her.  The older brother has a heart problem so you know that the younger brother will have to step up and keep street cred for the family in a bike race. Et cetera.  I’m not saying it’s a bad movie; in fact, it’s one of my favorites.


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  1. 1

    Rooster said,

    Congrats! That’s definitely a skill (I think more mental) that’s very transferable to just making due, in general.

    Yo, next time watch the MOVIE SPOILERS. Damnit.

  2. 2

    jeff said,

    i have a bike trailer [for tc] that i have yet to put to use. you’re welcome to it until i get my mountain bike tuned and ready to rock the boardwalk [which may be sometime next year].

    we’ve got to work out some method for you to still do dawn patrol with us. not having your assistance to break webs is a real bummer.

  3. 3

    aquadump said,

    rooster: GSP, totally forgot about the movie spoiler. you should still watch it to learn how to true a bike wheel in 10 seconds.

    teh d00d: thanks for the trailer offer. looks like you at least have a written nickname. let me know if you’re interested in a free, no-hassle, hands-free bike tuning available RIGHT NOW today, but act quick . . . or when convenient

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