L1|\|u>< n00b

That’s leet for Linux newb, or a Linux beginner.

The last time I installed Linux, five years ago, I learned: the newest thing is not the best thing.  I built a computer with a 64-bit processor, after the 64 just came out on the market.  I bought the processor for various reasons.  So it came down to either lots of frustrations or buying a $20 academic Windows XP Operating System (OS).  Yay for Windows.

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This time, I installed Linux on hardware that is more common (Asus 1000 Netbook).  To install Linux I think you need:

  • an additional working computer with internet access next to you
  • gusto and the ability to not worry about screwing something up* (CTYA)
  • no project finish time expectations

*Don’t leave files you want on the same partition as the operating system.  It makes it easier to install a different “distro,” or re-install after a big mess up.

Jerry recommended Mint over Ubuntu.  I read that Mint is good for early [Windows] converts (me).  It’s also “light,” or faster with user interfaces (me since I have a relatively small amount of memory), and built for media users (me).  Me, me, and ME!

One thing I found neat is that you don’t need to have the image on a CD to install the OS anymore.  UNetbootin allows you to write and install the OS from a USB.  I installed Gloria, Linux Mint Version 7, using UNetbootin on a 2GB USB flash drive.

I had troubles which ended up being with the BIOS.  But, another small victory puts me at conquering bigger problems in the future.

I don’t know if I would recommend Linux over another broad type of OS. Personally, I like the advantages: independence from corporations as well as the interactions in the open sourcing community.  But, there are drawbacks, so it isn’t for everyone.

I find working on computers less enjoyable than my recent hardware adventures.  To me, there is something more enjoyable about physical project evidence over the digital enhancement.


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