The Journey at Home

To me, few things compare to the open road, by way of feet, bike, or car.  I like the unexpected.  I like the new experiences.

Travel leads to learning, like geology, geography, or architecture.  Most of my vacations often recharge my to athletic interests, breaking the monotony of my usual schedule and routines.  And I spend time with friends, as I often reunite with my favorite idiots, a group of about 10 people from the Purdue Triathlon Club.

In the last month, my perspective and interests in travel is changing.  Lately I’ve been working on home projects, where I’m learning new things.  And the best part: I get to see my accomplishments.

Travel accomplishments, to me, are meeting new people, going to weird cultural festivals, and seeing some breath-taking beauty.  These feats create memories and social currency.

Home projects, in addition to memories and social currency, can possibly add learning a new skill and a tangible product, like a tuned bicycle or some eccentric furniture.

In general, I don’t think one is better than the other.  It’s a personal thing. prefers staying put, and prefers the open road.

I think I like both.


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