A Positive Pledge

Life is too short to focus on imperfections, or even joke about them.  In our journey, there is too much to celebrate and learn from one another, especially from our differences.

People will never meet all of your expectations.  This can be inconvenient.  Some friends don’t like keeping in touch on the internet.  Some people are aroused by the same gender.  Some people think practicing yoga implies you are aroused by the same gender.   Some friends have different political views.  People worship differently.  Your friends and peers honor assets, money, and experiences differently.  Some value traveling; others would rather stay home.  Some value balance; others are extremists.  And, some friends are calmer than you are.

Deal with it.

It’s harder to see these as learning potentials than as imperfections.  Everyone can learn from someone.

One of my inspirations of this outlook I recently met, Bobby.  On the weekdays, he rides the 6:30am Bus 178 eastbound from Costa Mesa and the 3:45pm Bus 178 westbound from Irvine.  He genuinely asks us riders how we are doing.  He’ll let you know he’s very glad you’re good or wish you his condolences if you are not good.  Additionally, he’ll report, “I am doing very well today.  Thank you very much.”  He’s a very big fan of the adverb very.

I want to recharge my batteries in my ability to stay positive, especially by resisting negativity.  I think energizing lemons into lemonade allows you to get the most from life, by means of a safe and nurturing environment.  I want to be like that unsung hero — the mentally handicapped cafeteria worker, Bobby.  I imagine he gets mocked routinely because he’s not normal, but he is still doing very well today.  Thank you very much.


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    Erin said,

    Thank you very much. That was very well put.

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