Financial Tracking

I try to spend as little time thinking about investments, but some times it gets the better part of my brainz.  The metric I focus on most is passive income: how much I earn by just being.

I update my Google Document a couple of times a month.  In the document, I have:

  • individual data: the points above are a sum of dividends, interests, and the like
  • a 10 period rolling average
  • a regression
  • and, a 95% confidence interval.

I know focusing on one metric is not a good idea; however, as an advocate for sustainable designs and graphs with dense and easy to understand material, this is my favorite metric.  I usually see people track net worth.  To me, that is a more complex way to imagine retirement/laycation cashflows.

I have only seen one retiree’s cashflow, the Canadian Dream’s.  I’m interested in non-conventional, home-made trackings. To me, conventional is a brokerage statement.


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  1. 1

    adam said,

    have you used it’s actually really good!

  2. 2

    aquadump said,

    hrrmm, looks interesting. thanks!

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