Distance Running’s Happy Hour

People are weird.  And, that’s a good thing.

In the past 12 months, I ran nine races; six were marathon distance or longer.  I’m not trying to say that I’m a badass [runner].  I’m trying to say that most races I ran are with experienced, and relatively well-trained runners.

The first thing I noticed running Peter’s Canyon Trail Race #2 — a three run series hosted on Thursday nights, all with 5 mile courses — is the lack of running etiquette.  I ran up the first hill with a woman exhaling like I would imagine a hippopotamus would sound on that hill.   The second hill I ran with a dude who had a beeping watch, for tempo.  For the love of man, shut that friggin’ thing off!

That’s when I noted why I was there: for fun. On our 12.3mi 4:56am 7/8/09 run, jeff made the comment that the 5 mile race is like a happy hour for distance runners.  Just enough to wet your appetite, but still functional after the event.

The event brought together two runners from different ends of the spectrum in our running club, LT and Wendy.  LT is an ultra-beast, to put it humbly: his goal is to run 100 miles 9 times in ’09 and 12 100-mile races in 2010.  This race was his first single digit mileage race, and he placed in the single digits (7th) to boot!  And, this was Wendy’s first race back after 6 weeks of injury recovery, who also won: she is still still injury free!

Sam, LT, Lori, Skip, Wendy, Pete, and E-Rod at the finish line. I have a patriotic number, 1776; go 'merica! Photo from Wendy. Photo Artist: dre

As for me, it felt great plowing up the hills, relative to the roadie pack I was in.  It felt fun to “only pace” for 5 miles.  It was great to employ running psychology again, bursting past runners so they wouldn’t pace off my heels.  I grabbed some adrenaline from the crowd in the last half mile, and I crossed the finish line around 6:00/mile, a pace that is somewhat of a memory to me.

Change is good, and so are happy hours.


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  1. 1

    jeff said,

    when lt asked how you did, i’m really glad that you didn’t tell him your TIME but what SORT of time you had. that really was the point of the race for me, and i have a feeling you were of the same mind.

    we got back to the car and as i was loading tc into his car seat, he said, “repete! sillly hair!” i dig on it when he remembers my friends in their absence. you successfully made the tc list.

    tell andrea that it was good to meet her and that she didn’t look anything like a lion.

  2. 2

    aquadump said,


    on our ride after the race, andrea122887 and i commented on tc’s “nom nom nom” as well as hand waving abilities. i think his hand wave is more ridiculous than mine. skillz!

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