El Morothon

On Friday, MichelleM repeated last year’s marathon in El Moro with the 2nd annual event, now named the “El Morothon.”  With over 25 runners in participation, the El Morothon was a “running party” spread out on three loops in El Moro canyon.

Jimmy, my friend from the Purdue Tri Club, drove down from Hermosa Beach to run with us.  It was a fun way to catch up with Jimmy.  He has spent a lot of time this year crewing and preparing his wife for her big ultra-cycling event this summer: the 500 mile Race Across Oregon.  On Talk Like a Pirate Day, he is also going to pace his friend in the Angeles Crest 100 mile trail race, for the final 25 miles.  It is quite interesting to see Jimmy go from hard-core semi-pro triathlete putting in massive training hours to what he terms now “getting out for 10-15 hours a week of working out.”  In one sense, it is quite a transition; in another sense, it matches that easy-going part of his personality.

Jimmy and I running the first loop, the Perimeter, of El Moro canyon. Photo Credit: Greg

The El Morothon is a blur to me.  I remember the dumb-founded look of a few hikers when jeff showed them on a map the 20 miles we had just ran and the remaining few we had left to end our quest.  I remember seeing the beautiful, yellow mustard with Michelle with 4 miles to go.  I remember blazing an amazing 11:30/mile pace with zipper q. because we could, as he says, “smell the stables.”  What I don’t remember is the joy of running with 25 people in the majority of the run.  Re-grouping at turns with the electricity of 25 energetic runners, just out for something to do that day.

Picture:El Morothon

El Morothon Runners between the first and second loops.

This is what I enjoy most of clubs: gaining second-hand experiences while enduring another task or challenge at hand.  In some ways, it is weird that (road) runners are paying over-priced registration fees to gain this experience.  It is even more awesome when an individual organizes this out her own benevolence, in this case Michelle.  Michelle not only planned the loops, which allowed people to run whatever amount of the three different loops each with planned starting times, she also provided PB&J’s, fruit, potato chips, and other refreshments!

Picture:Finisher/RD Michelle!

Michelle, only two time finisher of the El Morothon. Photo Credit: Eric

Picture:At the Finish!

Age Group winners zipper q. and I looking normal, because of fatigue, in a picture in the El Morothon with our pacer, Lori. Photo Credit: Michelle

Viva la revolucion!


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  1. 1

    Jimmy said,

    Thanks Pete! It was great to catch up with you too. Seems like a great group of people to hang out with…while at the same time putting in some crazy miles, but that seem to fly by when you’re having fun. Good luck with your trans-everything quest in Montanada! No borders, No boundaries.

  2. 2

    jeff said,

    i’m really pleased that i was able to spend most of my weekend with the people i know that enrich my life.

    i think the point you were trying to make, if i understand correctly, is that running WITH 25 people on those trails, in close proximity, isn’t joyful, but bouncing between other individuals or small groups while being part of a larger group collective IS enjoyable. right?

    that really is an aspect of trail running that i enjoy. the effort required ends up stretching the group out, but the energy at those re-group points is high intensity and full of motivation.

    as far as second-hand learning, i know i picked some stuff up on friday, but the sun cooked it all from my memory. i think i picked up some child discipline techniques and maybe a recipe for cous cous.

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