Trans- Tour: Planning

Bender and I like ridin’ bikes.

We like ridin’ bikes so much that we are going to ride for a whole week during our summer vacation!  From July 19 to July 25, we are going to cross Glacier National Park on the famous and historical Going-to-the-Sun Road that cuts across the park, as well as circumnavigate the park.  We are following an Adventure Cycling route, from the North Tier section starting and ending in Whitefish, Montana by taking the train from/to Portland, Oregon.

We are covering about 50 miles per day.  That’s nice.  The fun part is that going trans-Rockies, trans-borders (USA/Canada,eh?), trans-rail . . . that’s when Bender figured out we have a lot of trans-!  Hence, we titled the tour and set our main objective: attain as many trans- endeavors as possible.

Here are a few on the list:

  • trans-saturated fat
  • translation
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Trans-Am, Pontiac
  • trans-water

My current list is 21 trans-‘s long.  Three trans-‘s require prior preparation.  One of the items, transport, includes a social experiment that could fail from diffusion of responsibility.

At any rate, we are asking people to send us items, general delivery for us, to Cut Bank, Montana, so that we can get them in the middle of the trip.  We would really appreciate transporting such items such as, but not limited to, food, a tour mascot, postcard, or a social experiment idea. Huge volume items that would be hard to hold down on a bicycle tour would be hilarous, but only after the fact and not during.

We ask that you keep this in the back of your mind so you can join our cause!  And, you could become a part of our tour! A good time to send stuff will be in a couple of weeks, and I’ll remind people here.



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    Rooster said,

    I went to GNP (not to be confused with Glacier Domestic Park) a few eyars ago for hiking. Here’s a big of aadvice:

    – the eastern border of the park is sketchy. it butts up to a reservation. white boys don’t belong so be aware. don’t venture off the hwy – seriously.
    – keep en eye out for a lone bar on the hwy that circum-navigates the south side of the park – you have to check your gun(s) at the door. a must see!
    – start and end the trip at a “Mad Dog’s” or “Bulldog’s” on the main strip in Whitefish. it’s a bar. the men’s restroom has every inch covered in porno. good bate session potential.
    – you encounter two continental divides. seek out the tri-divide. one piss session can sew your seeds to Hudson Bay, the Atlantic and the Pacific. …like your dad taught you.

    WIll you also accpt “Circum” themed gifts? I got a good one for that… it’s real sharp.

  2. 2

    […] 2009 · Filed under personal value I requested earlier that you transport stuff to us on our trans- tour.  I changed my […]

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