Mac 50k: The Oregon Trail!

In the beginning of May, Bender and I ran the McDonald Forest 50k, the “Mac 50.” This was my first time running on an Oregon Trail.   The trip to Oregon was two part: run the 50k (duh) and meet with Bender about our summer bike tour, The Trans Tour.  I flew into town Thursday and left Monday morning.

Thursday night we hit the town properly, for Portland.  We biked to three bars, and I saw my first Bike-Designated Left Turn Lane.  Portland has some awesome beers.  A bar tender yelled at Bender because he picked us up fries out of the garbage.  Haters.

On Friday, Bender made me a scavenger hunt around Portland, so I wouldn’t get into trouble.  It was a fun way to see the city: bus ride up the hill, tram ride down the hill, streetcar into downtown to the bus station.  To get to the next spots, I had to ask strangers questions to find my clues, such as: “Go to the living room of Portland,” and “Meet me outside the oldest strip club in Portland.” It made me realize how much I now use my cell phone, instead of interacting with strangers.  Something to think about. Props to Bender.

We then took a two hour bus ride from Portland to Albany.  Bender had his car at the bus station, and he gave a hitch to guitar-making teacher from Albany to Corvalis.  That day we checked out a cabin that Bender was interested in renting.  When I asked if I could whiz in that yard, the landlord gave me a pleasurable, “It’s your planet; piss on it!”  Good energy.

We checked in for the race, cooked a pasta dinner, and went to bed. I slept with the cats in the living room.

The race was gorgeous: ferns, moss, and water, oh my!  The race had a nice size: 150ish. The trail was spongey; it felt really nice.  I wasted a lot of energy avoiding puddles in a section called “the Maze,” only to go ankle deep in one of the last puddles I encountered.  SoCal Pansy.

My favorite part of the race was a Big Lebowski themed Aid Station (AS) supported by the Corvalis Search and Rescue group.  The AS was complete with character costumes, White Russians, and a rug which really tied the AS together.  The part of that AS that made me laugh for 5-miles though was a nicely timed sign.  There was a little boy telling us runners the normal such things you might hear right before an AS: “Looking good; water, food, and medical support ahead; over halfway done now!”  Then, as we turned a corner there was a sign: “8 Year Olds, Dude.” Hilarious.

And, some locals brewed an India Pale Ale, ready for us at the end of the race!

I was happy with my finishing time: 7hrs.  Neither elated nor bummed about it.  Another race to chalk up for the experience category.  Another victory!

Don’t you worry; we set aside some time to plan the Trans Tour, too.  Then it was off to eat a squirrel burger, and display that I am “the Ying to Tuna’s Yang,” for Bender’s friends.

All in all, a great trip: the Northwest is a great place even though they stereotypically wear dark clothes; ride fixed gear bikes; and, drink PBR.  Hipsters.


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  1. 1

    Rooster said,

    Who’s the ying to Texx’s yang?

    I fucking hate Texx.

  2. 2

    aquadump said,

    i would guess his future ex-wife

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