Got to Run Away to Get Away

Who ranks as the highest? . . . [The] one who is always at peace regardless of the other person’s disposition.Buddha

Bank of America Chicago MarathonI find goal-setting for the amateur interesting.  Goals are evidence that humans are optimistic about the future. People realize they have a possibility to change, for the better.  But in the realm of the world, attaining your goal is no different than not attaining it.  I am taking that into consideration for my “A Level” race this year, the Chicago Marathon.

Instead of having a result-oriented goal, I want to focus on the journey.  There’s a danger of becoming a slave to a workout schedule; however, I think there are benefits to it.  My goal for this next 16 weeks is to learn more about what Tim Noakes calls “Your Experiment of One.”  Since I ran the Old Goats’ 50 Mile Ultra, I have enjoyed 10 weeks of unstructured running fun — mainly just Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday while traveling on the weekends.  I rest again this week, not running at all.  Then it’s off to set some structure!

I plan to focus on a standard Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, and Sun run schedule.  I want stay with my newer habit on Tuesdays with the Dawn Patrol.  Wednesdays and Saturdays will be slow recovery runs.  Thursday will be speed, and Sunday will be distance.  Adding a 1-week recovery in a 4-week cycle makes the schedule fairly orthodox to Runner’s World and Hal Higdon templates.  For additional orthodox ways, I’ll probably use Burt Yasso’s method to set my goal pace 12 weeks into the 16 weeks of training.

A big yay for the Type-A!  . . . but I really just aspire to:

  • keep learning what works for me;
  • be healthy;
  • have some fun experiences;
  • have the best amateur goal in the world, E V E R ! ! !

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    Rooster said,

    As a reformed type-A, I appreciate your structure. I plan to run Chicago this year too, although one thing that it completely out of my plan, as of yet, is an entry. I plan on buying one on Craigslist or eBay. When I got injured a few years ago I had to sell my entry for 20 skrilla. Now I’m going to try and work the opposite.

    My goal, other than my finish time, is to do it as efficiently as possible (run 3-4 times per week maximum). I posted a good time at the Indy 1/2 marathon only running an avg of 2.7 times each week.

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