My Beef with Smoothies

I recently started drinking more smoothies.  It’s an easy, tastey way to get fruits and vegetables.  It changes things up.  I have two problems with smoothies though.

Smoothies have a bad Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY). That is the high viscosity smoothie leaves itself [to waste] on the blender and in the cup.  This is easy to fix.  I usually make a smoothie and then have some “smoothie water,” which tastes similar to Crystal Light.  This problem is manageable though, as long as you are fine with some hydration consequences.

My other problem with smoothies is that I have yet to thoroughly enjoy* a smoothie that does not have yogurt.  I’ve tried recipes, and tried adapting recipes, but for me if it doesn’t have some plain yogurt it just ain’t got that thang.  Again, this isn’t so bad as I think yogurt provides some nice natural immune builders with the active cultures in it.

*There is an obvious difference between consuming calories and nutrients and enjoyment in my diet.


Smoothier than you are.


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    jeff said,

    this place is in long beach…they might put an end to your lack of enjoying a shake without yogurt.

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