I Missed the Texting Generation Cut-Off

I’ve finally come to the 5th stage; I accept that I am not a textophile.  To me, it is crazy to see [mostly younger] cell phone users consistently texting in public. I can’t say one path — texting often or the other extreme, not owning a cell phone — is superior over the other.  The first allows for a large number of conversations with a limited number of people.  The latter allows for limited conversations with an infinite amount of people.

I think I could train myself to become a textophile.  However, I am totally fine compromising myself in a the generation/social-class that somewhat adapts to texting.

I recently started using Twitter, or “tweeting @aquadump” as you could say in the biz.  I have seen two innovative uses of Twitter: progress updates on a journey (12) and as a rallying tool.  So, my point is that I may have missed the texting generation cut-off, but I am compromising by micro-blogging.  If this doesn’t make sense to you, good.

I am going on two bicycle tours this summer, which I hope to tweet the beegeezers out of.  Then, I’ll work on the twitterally.  Possible twitterally subjects I am pondering are “To Look Really Mad at Passersby” or “To Care About Not Caring More Than You.”


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