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My Going Green Policy

Happy Earth Day.

earff day

I know this idea is not original, but it’s still my policy.  My green policy is a minimalist strategy.  The less you buy, the less you use.  The less you use, the less bi-products you encourage, viz. green house gases, energy waste, additional packaging, and the like.

I think hybrid cars are the right idea, but buying a hybrid car still requires gas and alotta batteries.  Same thing with other green products, like hemp clothing with its associated manufacturing waste generations.

Adapting to a minimalist policy is pretty easy.  Realize that what you currently have is a sunk cost.  Then, try to get by with less new stuff. Buy fresh food and bulk food, so you avoid wasteful packaging.  Bike to the grocery store, forcing yourself to buy less.  Sew your clothes when they have hole failures. And obviously, smoke less drugs.


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Considerations for a No Car Month in May

to inifinity and beyond

I am contemplating not riding in a car during the month of May. I don’t think this would be a major change for my life, but the extreme extent would put me outside of my comfort zone.  I like the timeframe of one month, as for me it is long enough to be a challege but short enough to constantly see the light at the end of tunnel.

I think not using a car would hamper my trail running habit and impose some tougher travel plans as I plan to visit Chicago, Oregon, and San Francisco that month.

I developed this idea from the Bike to Work Month that came from the Bike to Work Week that came from the Bike to Work Day, all of which I learned mainly from Wikipedia.  As an aside the man rejected my idea of $600 to fund a Bike to Work Day — on May 15, 2009 — event by giving me a $1000 budget.  So, I have that going for me, which is nice.  If you’re in the area, drop by for a breakfast burrito.

This upcoming week I will be without a car.  The week will be a good pilot program for me.

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The Purpose of Life


“The Purpose of Life” is to solve problems.

I will acknowledge that my field of training is expected to solve problems, engineering.  This could lead to a blind spot for the premise of this idea.

I think life is made of multiple small decisions, which lead to cumulative “bigger decisions.”  Each small decision, is either somewhat or entirely based on a past decision.  This could depend on social, genetic, as well as cultural dependencies, or it could be entirely circumstantial, too.  Each “small” decision requires solving a problem, whatever the method may be.  So the destiny of our tomorrows resides in the decisions of today.  This sounds too simple to be true.  Yay, I can make a boat-load off of this pretentious idea!

This idea is confirmed (in my mind) in capitalism. Jobs are created to solve problems.  This could be making products for consumers.  Jobs could include service to customers.  My favorite type of job is marketing. Marketing notifies the consumer of a problem, or better yet marketing creates a problem for the consumer.  One step farther, a job can create (useless) jobs.

Continuing onward,  Scott Adams found  in Webster:  “The white collar sector is all about no activity punctuated occasionally by useless activities.” [I can’t find it on the internet elsewhere, so it is probably some April Fools thing that I am still being fooled by.]

I hate to end this on a negative spin.  I remember watching The Secret, why I don’t know either, but a part of the information included the Law of Attraction: people’s thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether or not they’re aware of it.

I visualize the above unicorn when I practice my law of attraction.

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