Breakfast: The Worst Meal to Increase Your Immune System

I have not been sick for three years.  [Knock on wood for me, please.]  I am confident that this is not a coincidence.  I agree with Early Retirement Extreme’s (ERE’s) post on proactive health care: eat healthly, exercise regularly, and welcome germs from the local environment.  In the health care post, ERE makes the following statement:   

I don’t touch my face around sneezing people, but otherwise I don’t worry about germs. In fact I welcome them. I’d like my immune system to do some low intensity battles.

In the past three years, I took this one more step.  I started eating out of the trash.  Yeah: gross, have-you-no-shame, etc.  I’ve heard it all.  The crux of my airport travel actually centers around trash cans.  I’ve come up with a relatively “low key” method to dig out of airport garbages in airports.  It amounts to carrying around a piece of trash, from one container to the next.  So, throw something out, look into the trash like you didn’t mean to throw it out, and then pick up something new.  Optimize by going for weight.

Now from my experience, I find breakfast the hardest meal to find food.  I think there are two factors at play for this phenomenom.

  • Breakfast portions are small compared to lunch/dinner.  For example, check out the McDonald’s Nutrition Facts on a Egg McMuffin (300 calories) versus a Quarter Pounder (410 calories).  It would be interesting to see a frequency chart.  If you actually follow that link, you can make an easy argument against this because I lack frequency data.
  • People are hungrier in the morning, and therefore are more apt to finish the whole breakfast meal.

So, I lack data from the interwebs. However using my empirical data, I would much rather dig for buried treasure at noon than in the morning.  In case you cared, I thought of this post after I paid $0.50 for a “refill” on a cup of coffee this morning at Starbucks. 😉

Rethink the paradigm of scavenging and Freeganism, if not for financial benefits for the health advantages.


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    Rooster said,

    Good call! Like my dad always said, “People need to just lick a public bannister or door knob every once in a while.”

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