Approximating Pi in a 3.1415 Run

At the beginning of March, I realized the string of March holidays in 2009 would have an additional to pre-game the celebration.

  • 3/13: Friday the 13th
  • 3/14: Pi Day
  • 3/15: Ides of March
  • 3/16: John 3:16 Day
  • 3/17: St Patty’s Day

That’s cool.

My upcoming running A-Level race is the Old Goats (OG) Ultramarathon.  I signed up for the SJT 50K on Pi Day to help train for the OG.  I jokingly said that I was going to go for a 7hr 29min finish time, so I could finish at 3/14 1:59pm, i.e. pi is aproximately 3.14159.  My goal for the SJT 50K was to cruise, to have fun, to check out the Candy Store Loop (a section of trail), to be in great company, and to enjoy quite possibly the most entertaining race directior, Baz.

The race start was actually 7am, not 6:30am, like I thought.  My time for an Absolute Record, as opposed to a PR, shifted from 7hr 29min to 6hr 59min for a 3/14 1:59pm finish, which is actually closer to my real PR, 7hr 11min.   My absolute record and personal record could jive that day!

I still didn’t really think anything of it.  I just ran, munched on some food (including Pop-Tarts), talked to some people, saw some great views, etc.  I was just going for miles, so I didn’t even have my Garmin set to read out a pace or the actual time.  I just had mileage on my read out.

Nearing the finish, I checked to see what time it was. . I did have a barbeque later that day to attend.  No way!  It was 1:24pm, and I had 4.5 miles to go!  Some days you have to take the cruise control off.  It was on.

I can’t believe it; he’s inspired by math!

Fellow SCTHz, E-Rod, said the quote above after I reminded of him my 1:59pm goal. . . I told him, “I think I can do it!”  After getting to the last aid station, I told Keira, who of course was excited.  She told me, “You are going to do it!”  You kind of have to know Keira’s personality, but her positive spirit is so easily catched by all around her.

Off I went; I didn’t look back.  Unfortunately, I went too fast.  I just couldn’t bear to stop and wait three minutes.  I sucked it up, and I finished at 1:56pm, with an absolute record finish time, 3/14 1:50 ish, 3.1415.

Leaving 2 or 3 more decimals on the plate, for some continuous improvement goals.  It’s what we do.



Thanks to jeff smith, my co-pilot that day, who influenced me to record this amazing event.


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  1. 1

    jeff said,

    HA! i just posted my race recap, too. we’re on the same 3.1415 wavelength.

  2. 2

    jeff said,

    oh…and thanks for the lower case shout out.

  3. 3

    […] that helped me finish my first 50 mile race this year, set an Absolute Personal Record (APR) in the 50km, as well as PR in the marathon and the 50km.  Not to name drop, but the group constantly gets […]

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