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Schools Form An Obese Society

“No running in the halls!!”

Oh, those school teachers hate efficient kids. Is it really that unsafe to run in the halls?

This hypothesis is easily due to my disdain for authority, but I think the time children stop running everywhere is when they enter school. I think it’s funny and enjoyable to watch children. Run to water fountain; run to a swing-set; run to stick in the playground; etc. They run everywhere! But, that’s just the status quo, so no one questions why they are running. . . until they enter the school system. Now, they must learn to stop running.

But when I decided to ditch my bike and more importantly my jacket because I kept losing it at college, running looked preposterous to my fellow peers. . . because the status quo is to walk. I’ll have you know: I never lost my coat on those days!

So great, we have to walk everywhere. We lose efficiency and calories by doing so. Teachers, think it through. How important is it, for society, that those students¬†walk in an empty hallway? ¬†How many safety accidents happen from “students running?”

Is this thought too idealistic and laissez-faire? Perhaps.


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