Balanced Times . . for a Balanced Lifestyle

At some point, I decided I wanted a sweet analog watch.  Style, an anti-progressive statement, whatever it may be. Somehow I noticed that a lot of the watch advertisements showed watches at the time 10:10. This observation is still true; a Google Shopping search has a lot of watches at that time.

My current favorite online response is from blogcadre:

    . . .

  • The hands are nearly symmetrically balanced on [the] face of the dial at 10:08.  The minute hand is 48 degrees right of vertical, while the hour hand is 56 degrees left of vertical.  Exact symmetry would be achieved at 120/13 minutes past 10:00, approximately 10:08:13.8.  Other symmetrical times would not meet the needs above.
  • . . .

I cut out a lot of the real reasoning: marketing!

My thoughts centered around the symmetry, pun intended.  Namely, 10:08:13.8 is NOT symmetrical!  Amateurs. The second hand is messing up everything that is good in the world.  It’s all or nothing, man.

I thought about this visually, for both the second hand being between the two hands, if you will, and for the second hand being outside the other two hands.

Yes it is

Then, I came up with some killer balances.

Acute:    Acute Formula

Obtuse:  Obtuse Formula

For the joy of all, I solved those killer formulas. And, I provide you with a nice time table:

Almost Too Easy

Now, you understand what I think of if you hear me say, “Yes, I strive to recognize balance in my life.”


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