2009 Goals: Increasing Personal Value

There are many sites that focus on personal finance.  While personal finance is an interest of mine, I am more of a [self-acclaimed] expert at increasing what Douglas Rushkoff terms social currency.  I would define social currency as content for interacting with others.  I like Rushkoff’s example of jokes.  Jokes provide an easy medium to share experiences with each other.  Often times you may find yourself trying to memorize a joke to tell at a later time rather than enjoying and experiencing the moment.  Thus, you are acquiring social currency.  I also read in a travel article something to the effect of, “The more uncomfortable the experience, the better the story it will become.”  I claim my expert status from experiences such as traveling Europe with a comb-over haircut, eating out of trash cans to increase my immune system, bike commuting, and other experiences which leverage “the experience” over efficiency or logic.

That being said, I introduce three goals, or resolutions, for 2009 which I hope to report on later.

  1. Attain a new social experience. In the first six months of the year, I would like to acquire materials to become a cowboy.  I want to acquire used accoutrements to increase my street cred.  I would like to cowboy-it-up once a month on the later six months of the year.  My goal here is to possibly gain second hand experiences, possibly gain social currency, and at the very least gain a social experience.
  2. Become more industrious. Here, I would like to expand my knowledge with empirical, real life experiences.  My thoughts so far in a rating for my interests are:
    • brew beer (again) . . . eventually getting to 100% grain brewing
    • build a small-scale steam engine
    • actually build the aquarium in the hollowed out TV set I have
    • grow something biological

    These will expand my skills via active learning.  My goal would be to become more of a Mr. Wizard than of a McGiver.  That is learn fundamentals over handiness.

  3. Increase my leadership exposures. This is mainly to give back to the community. My natural tendencies are to flow with the go; however, I would like to lead/plan one event per month this year. I hope to push myself outside my comfort zone with this last goal.  Leadership could be as simple as initiating a conversation with my neighboring passenger on a plane ride, planning a run with the Trail Headz, planning a trip with others, planning the world’s largest high five rally, etc.  The point is to have leadership become a continuous process for me, and not to gain magnitude in my leadership experiences.

To summarize, I hope to learn about myself as well as gain new skills in the future from some loose, but structured goals.  Just as personal finance sites report monthly on net worth balance sheets or passive income flows, I hope to track my personal value status in the future, both for accountability and to share what I have, or have not, learned.


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