Hand-Crafts . . . something to be proud of

After reading the 4 Hour Work Week and being influenced by ERE, I started learning more actively this year.  I define active learning as doing, crafting, tweaking, and most of the time, messing up.  My natural interests are more passive learning, namely reading everything and anything I can get my hands on.
I still remember my first few experiences defecating in the wilderness.   Often it was hard to walk away without staring for a few minutes, lost in my pride for my accomplishments.  Perhaps thinking to myself, “See self, I do give a shit.”  Or something close, probably.

Much is the same in my recent experiences.  Not only do I stare for longer than necessary after I have decided that “I am done,” but I also feel a closer attachment to my feat.  Most recently I have added fenders to my bike, and changed out the cables for shifting and braking.  I find myself looking for puddles to ride through, because I will stay dry.  And, my ego shines more than I like to admit when I am cognizant of my brake tuning and shifting ease.

My upshot is that active learning requires more upfront activation energy, but it has the potential of a more gratifying experience.

Nice work on your passive learning experience.


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    jeff said,

    i like how, up to this point, all three comments are trackbacks from other posts that you’ve written. more “gazing lovingly upon what thou hast created”, apparently.

    that, though, is the pot calling the kettle black. i’d be embarrassed to admit the number of times i’ve read back over blog entries that i’ve written.

    your active learning campaign is highly inspiring, repete. who knew i’d learn so much from a young whippersnapper like you.

  4. 5

    aquadump said,

    thanks jeff, that’s a hefty compliment!

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