Second-Hand Experiences

I have a new idea.  I think most of what you learn is second-hand to another primary activity.

I think it’s great: a primary activity — i.e., work, hobbies, problematic times, etc. — creates the medium for interactions that allow people to contemplate other problems, concerns and/or interests in their life.  After a while, a few tangential comments allow the conversation to flow to a new understanding.

I think this is one type of basis for humans to learn.  From a simulation theory perspective, this is the essence of stochastic modeling, an approach used when generic algorithms are not realistic in solving a problem at hand.


Thought origin: solving personal problems at work, forming new ideas while on group workouts, and copious amounts of drug usage.


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    […] cowboy-it-up once a month on the later six months of the year.  My goal here is to possibly gain second hand experiences, possibly gain social currency, and at the very least gain a social […]

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    […] is what I enjoy most of clubs: gaining second-hand experiences while enduring another task or challenge at hand.  In some ways, it is weird that (road) runners […]

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